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    Floods, hurricanes

    You can avoid the
    greenhouse effect

The ecological advantages of wood pellets

Wood pellets are considered CO2-neutral. Only as much Carbon dioxide is set free as the tree consumes during its growth cycle. Also, less energy is consumed in the process of making Wood pellets, included transportation, than with conventional fuels such as oil or gas.

Wood pellets help to avoid an increase of the greenhouse effect and thereby protect nature.

Burning Wood pellets also reduces the output of NOx that is held responsible for acid rain. The environment benefits.

Wood pellets are safe to handle and can be transported without a problem. Hazards, leakages or accidents that happen at the drilling, refining or transporting oil or gas (with tankers, pipelines) are impossible with wood pellets.

CO2-Emissionen verschiedener Heizungssysteme The sustainable forestry in ones own country is supported because native resources are processed. In Europe as a whole the forest cover is growing at the rate of the size of Cyprus each year.

Wood pellets are produced by local companies. So they are independent from the world markets of oil and gas.

Local communities are supported as regional and employment is increased and secured.

Following today’s scientific reports, the rise of temperature caused by men rooted in the burning of fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal. The related emission of CO2 together with other greenhouse gases CO2 absorbs sun light and reduce the reflection of warmth to space. This effect is comparable to that one in a greenhouse - so it was named greenhouse effect.

You can help reducing this greenhouse effect by burning as little fossil fuels like oil or gas as possible. Heating with wood pellets does not increase the CO2 amount in the atmosphere. At burning, pellets only set free the amount of CO2 the tree absorbed in its growth cycle. It is not important whether wood burns or rots. The amount of CO2 is in both cases the same.

(PelletsZeitung - autumn 2001)

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