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Profit by the diverse advantages of UV-Silo`s® by Silobau Steinecke in horse-keeping
With the UV-Silo`s® you
take the right decision
for the health of your horses.
The problem:
In metal- or glass fibre-silos condensation may be produced. This humidity provokes mildew and bulks - precious fodder gets spoiled, the health of your horse is in danger! This might provoke colics or sterility.

The solution:
UV-Silo`s® are manufactured of breathable fabric. The stored fodder remains dry and in an

UV-Silo with oat-masher and fodder-cart
UV-Silo® with oat-masher
and fodder-cart
impeccable condition. Your decision for UV-Silo® is a decision for the health of your animals. You will obtain the optimal hygienical preconditions for your fodder storage.

Our UV-Silo`s® are constructed in that way that protection measures against sunlight are not necessary. They may be installed unreservedly under a light-ridge. You don´t have to darken light-sheets or windows as prescribed by the Trade Association. Thus, you save work and expenses!

Fabric damaged by UV-rays? No question for you when you employ UV-Silo`s® by Silobau Steinecke.

In your stable you can preserve a bright and friendly atmosphere. Well-being of human beings and animals will be stimulated.

UV-Silo® is a registered trade mark of Steinecke.
UV-Silo  integrated in existing environs by the customer himself
UV-Silo® integrated in
existing environs by
the customer himself

If you lack free place inside your building, you can also mount the UV-Silo® outside coated against bad weather. UV-Silo`s® can be mounted by yourself. Dismantling and moving them to new premises is possible without any problem.
Silobau Steinecke will furnish you the complete construction-set with cover or prepared for a coating by yourself.
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