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Profit by the multiple advantages in animal keeping due to the UV-Silo`s® of Silobau Steinecke

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UV-Silos® for ground and pelletized feed... Download here (pdf-file)
UV-Silo`s® are
The breathable fabric
of the UV-Silo`s® allows air-circulation.

UV-Silo`s with steel support structure
UV-Silo`s® with steel support structure
No condensation
Precious fodder won´t get spoiled anymore.
With the UV-Silo`s® of Steinecke you make the right decision for the health of your animals.

UV-Silo`s® require no maintenance and are durable
Fodder will not stick at hte Silos´ walls manufactured of flexible fabric. No expensive and time-intensive cleaning is required.

UV-Silo`s® are dust-resistant
There is no increased dust-encumbrance during the filling operation and during the UV-Silo`s® are working.
The fabric is highly dense. Even during pneumatic filling of the silo, just air does escape through the material.
UV-Silo with wooden support structure
UV-Silo`s® with wooden support structure

UV-Silo for outdoor-installation coated with a canvas cover
UV-Silo® for outdoor-installation
coated with a canvas cover
UV-Silo® is a registered trade mark of Steinecke.
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