re it where it drops
Flexible UV-Silo`s® show their best side in any position.
"How can bulk goods be stored saving both space and costs?"
Have you ever received a satisfactory reply to this question?

Get to know all the best features of our UV-Silo`s® for trickling bulk goods. See for yourself the quality and the benefits which these specialists offer.
Material and properties: A food safe, breathable and UV-resistant fabric which is particularly dust-resistant. Aromatic products such as spices, cocoa, etc. or hygroscopic products, require special storage conditions. There are coated UV-Silo`s® for these products which will satisfy high requirements with great reliability.

Size and weight: UV-Silo`s® are lightweights. And they are extremely adaptable. We can offer an individual solution for any needs and for any space.

Installation and maintenance: UV-Silo`s can be installed in any building very quickly, even in existing buildings. No special care is required. UV-Silo`s® require no maintenance.

Our clients: the processing industry, chemical industry, food industry, fodder industry and all sectors which need to store bulk goods in optimal conditions.

Dust-free pneumatic filling direct from a tanker truck without requiring a filter system.

Ports for filler lines in the silo cover.

Reinforcements for fill level sensors.

The UV-Silo`s® can be suspended either in a steel frame as shown here or in a steel support structure for installation on an existing sub-structure.

The steel frame can be installed with great ease using welded threaded studs.

Special fabric: No safety measures to prevent sunlight /UV radiation) required.

The autohopper guarantees trouble-free operation.

Dust-tight seams provided by the special production process for the fabric.

The UV-Silo`s® are made with at least six-fold safety reserves.

Also with a second outfeed.

Fluid base for bulk goods which have particularly poor flow properties.

Outfeed diameter adapted to the removal device.

UV-Silo® is a registered trademark of Steinecke.

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